How to Add Google Forms to Your WordPress Website

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If you are running any organization or some sort of small company or industry you need contact form or some survey form on your website. For small business we can’t go invest huge money to purchase database and link it with our website, understanding this all small business requirements Google has come free with Google Forms where we give fields to take input on our website page, and the inputs will be stored in Google Sheets.

Here Google forms works as contact form, Survey form, Register form and we can use it as per our requirements on our website. And all this form details are directly connected to our Google Sheets within current Google Account of individual. Now here I will show you step-by-step how to add embed Google forms on your website.

Step 1:

Login to your Google accounts or create one, go to Google Drive-Right click on My Drive-More-Google Forms like shown in below image.

Step 2:

Create your own contact form, Survey form, Register form or as per your requirements of website.  Once you create your Google form click on Responses and name you Google sheets.

Step 3:

Once your contact form is ready simply click on send on the top right corner of your form, you will find 3 options Email, Link and Embed HTML. By default you will be having embed HTML size is width=760px, and height 500px. So you can add your custom width and height to it. Click on embed HTML copy the code and paste it in your WordPress website within the text editor not in the visual editor.

Note: Your Google form and Google Sheet both are stored in your Google Drive folder only, so I recommended you to give unique names for your forms and sheets so that you can find them easily to get the data.