How to Start a Blog in WordPress

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It can be our passion or earning bit of money from writing, but remember one thing never compare with anyone when you are trying to start a blog. Just believe in you or what you write, it was me once before starting a blog i was worried to give competition with existing blogs with the same content what i am actually writing. But guys i just believed in my style of presenting the content and  know what i was writing.

So keeping all this a side we will talk how t start a blog using WordPress.

Why WordPress ?

Its not me thousands of people around the world depend on WordPress because its easy to setup and better way for non professional to learn and working with it is so easy. And believe guys i am the one who don’t have basic knowledge of php or HTML. I am purely back-end developer working with Java Technologies. But even then my passion towards sharing the knowledge to people made a blogger.

We will discuss how to start a blog Step by Step !

  1. Choose your Passion of writing
  2. Pick a Domain
  3. Select a basic hosting plan with WordPress
  4. Start writing

Choose your Passion of writing

Preparation is very important at the initial stage starting a blog, whats preparation ?. it’s just what your are trying to say with you blog to the readers. Don’t get confused what am trying to say here, let me explain with an example here.

Let’s talk about my experience with starting a blog, at the initial stage i was a YouTube publisher started in 2014, my only passion is to upload videos regarding Java, Swings, JasperReports, WordPress,  HTML and still going with more topics. my YouTube channel only describes the concepts of back-end and front-end developing tips and tricks. So finally after starting my YouTube channel in 2014 i got my first pay cheque in 2015 nearly took 1 year. but i even thought why don’t i share my knowledge in writing too. There my idea started to start a blog, in simple words blogs means writing unique content, discussing about a content or sharing your experience.

So here it is more important to start a blog with what actually know, don’t waste your time going off-topic and waste your time.

Pick a Domain

So once you are ready with your passion Pick a domain like, so there are many hosting and domain providers in internet. the first thing you check weather your domain is available or not.

Select a basic hosting plan with WordPress

If your are just a starter, just go with the basic plan with limited number of visitor plan. usually it take some time to get ranked in Search Engines.

Why i specifically mentioned WordPress Hosting, its very easy to setup. you must only have some basic knowledge of computer, and the WordPress will take care of the renaming things.

Start Writing

Once you setup your website with WordPress hosting, choose a beautiful blog theme. from your WordPress Dashboard click on post and Start Writing.  Good Luck……